Useful Links

There are a number of useful sites on the web devoted to spam and spam information. The following is a list of some major spam information websites, and resources for spam-related issues.

  • SpamAssassin the official website for SpamAssassin containing complete documentation, updates, newsgroup information, and frequently asked questions.
  • contains a wide selection of anti-spam information from legal to technical.
  • has both legal and technical information concerning spam and how to fight it
  • Net Abuse FAQ contains answers to a variety of questions on the origin, definition, and modern abundance of spam.
  •'s pages have a great deal of content related to receiving, sending, and fighting spam.
  • the Mail Abuse Prevention System maintains one of the internet's largest Realtime Blacklists, and also showcases a number of articles and pages of information dealing with spam, and spam blacklists.
  • Internet Privacy for Dummies divides its spam tutorial content into four intuitive sections.
  • Interview with a Spammer
  • Both and maintain useful websites dealing solely with the laws and regulations regarding spam
  • The Story of Nadine is a true-life account of how spam can get drastically out of hand.
  • CAUCE - the Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email advocates for a legislative solution to spam.
  • How Spammers Harvest Email Addresses is a very in-depth article by Uri Raz explaining the numerous methods of email harvesting.
  • Internet Scam Busters is a site devoted to educating people about cons and scams on the internet. This includes, but is not limited to spam.