How Do I Setup A Spam Filter?

If you do not have the time or patience to set up and continually modify the spam filtering rules of your email client, you can use a spam filter that will attempt to eliminate unwanted emails for you. There are literally hundreds of spam filtering software packages available on the net for free and for purchase. Be sure to do some research into particular spam filters before using them. Some filtering software will only work with certain email clients or operating systems.

Be careful which spam filter you choose. Some are incredibly simple-minded and will not effectively filter your email. Others are overly strict, and will eliminate legitimate emails or send nasty responses to the wrong people. The following is a list of some of the more well known, widely used, and reputable spam filtering software and services available:

  • Tmicha offers a free forwarding email address where all your emails are sent, cleaned of spam, and forwarded on to your regular email account.
  • Mailshell provides a free trial package, and permanent pay packages with disposable email addresses and email forwarding. You can also download a plugin for outlook. Mailshell claims the ability to filter out 99% of the spam you receive.
  • has a number of filters (content, relay, attachement, hyperlink, and image) that work with any email program and operating system. They use your current email address without the need for disposable addresses and forwarding. This is an inexpensive pay service.
  • Broadband Anti-Spam is a second generation spam filter designed for permanent cable, ADSL, leased line, or ISDN connections. Available for purchase
  • McAfee's Spam Killer is a downloadable software package that works with nearly any email client and account type.
  • Norton's Internet Security contains a number of security features including antivirus, firewall, privacy control, and of course Norton Spam Shield.
  • CruelMail is an email service provider that lets its users charge senders a delivery fee for all email sent to their accounts. Users may list addresses who won't be subject to the delivery fee. Email for which the delivery fee was not paid won't be delivered to the user. CruelMail collects the fee and transfers it to the user (minus a percentage).
  • SpamGuard with most Windows POP-based mail clients. It uses a filter list maintained by the developers on a centralized server, easing the user of the burden of maintaining their own filters.

There are many other spam filtering software packages available. Any search engine will bring up countless possible candidates. Do a little bit of research and decide on the spam filter that is right for you or your business.